Photography by Tom Pullen

Photography by Tom Pullen


I'm a guitarist, singer and songwriter, with 10 years of experience playing in bands, with the last 2 years spent building up experience as a session guitarist, both in the studio and out on the road.

I've written and co-produced an album and various EP's for my own solo project, as well as being a full time member of Night Flight, The Empty House Band, lead guitarist for country artists Jeannine Barry and Lucy May, and having played live and recorded for Holiday Oscar, Alex Tinlin, Sarah Riches, John Bovey and more.

Touring the UK with rising country singer Jeannine Barry provided me with experience of playing venues all over England and Scotland, as lead guitarist and backing vocalist. I've also had the privilege of playing at such prestigious venues as The Green Note, The Troubadour, Islington O2, Bush Hall, 100 Club, countless festivals, as well as appearances on BBC Introducing, Kerrang Radio, Mix96 and many more. 

My love for many musical styles helps me to bring a wealth of different and interesting influences to both the guitar and the song. Drawing upon blues, jazz, country, folk, rock and world music records provides me with a unique approach to playing.